"Only very old stars can harbor mature planets.
Only in their midst are we likely to find life or civilization."
Celebrating a universe full of  extrasolar planets!

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Ancient Suns

From Extrasolar, Earth-like Planets to the Mysteries of Our Own World's Ancient Past

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Ancient Suns Blog   The universe and everything in it
05/21/2015 08:47 AM
A Place for Explorers — The Story of Beginnings

When I first created the Ancient Suns website in May of 2001, I had completed the first version of Stars in the NeighborHood 3D space software. The website was meant to promote the software, but it was also created as a place for like-minded people to come together to enjoy … Continue reading

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03/15/2015 08:08 AM
Anti-Science — Death of Civilization?

Increasingly, science has become corrupted by corporations and big money. Money talks. Scientists need funding. Those with the most money get science done their way. Even the term “anti-science” has been misused and abused by those who either don’t understand all the issues, or have a vested interest in the … Continue reading

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Ancient Suns, Extrasolar Planets space Ancient Suns, Extrasolar Planets space Ancient Suns, Extrasolar Planets space Ancient Suns, Extrasolar Planets space Ancient Suns, Extrasolar Planets space

Extrasolar Planets for Humanity

Stellar Close-up

Space Travel

Extrasolar planets
stellar close-up buttons, including extrasolar planets
starship in extrasolar planet system, Castor
  In search of planets that look like Earth beyond the Solar system. It takes a certain kind of star to harbor habitable extrasolar planets.
  A detailed look at interesting star systems, some possible exoplanet stars, comparing those stars to the Solar system and to Earth.
  The dream of flight, and by extension travel to the stars, has touched the mind of humanity for centuries, perhaps even since the beginning.

Space Facts

For Kids

Ancient Earth

Space Facts question marks
kids astronomy balloon and sun
ancient Earth pyramid and sphinx
  About stars, planets, moons, astronomy and science terms. Includes frequently asked questions about the universe.
  Just for kids (and the young-at-heart): Learning about stars, planets, galaxies, history and a whole lot more.
  Our own planet has an interesting history, some of it filled with myth and legend.

Space Fiction

Star Gallery

Astronomy Software Review

Space fiction starship takes off from Earth-like extrasolar planet
extrasolar art gallery, including extrasolar planets
astronomy software Stars in the NeighborHood
  Tales from the imagination. New suns, alien worlds and strange, exotic civilizations.
  Colorful views of alien planets, twin suns, binary moons, ancient ruins and bright nebulas.
  3D Space software to explore the universe, especially those stars near our own sun. Discover where the extrasolar planets are known to exist.

Galaxy City Shopping

Site Map & Links

Contact Us

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stellar close-up buttons, including extrasolar planets
starship in extrasolar planet system, Castor
  The Ancient Suns store — Space and Astronomy Books, Telescopes, Videos, Software and a universe more.
  Where to find more information about stars and planets.
  For questions about stars, planets, this website, science or anything else in the universe.
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Ancient Suns, Extrasolar Planets space
A d v e r t i s e m e n t s

V   I   D   E   O

Play Video HD

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Interstellar Adventure

Stars in the NeighborHood space software

Your Thought-provoking space opera adventure awaits you.


Space Fiction space
For the Love of Kark

The sinister Hamilton Club has licked its wounds and now has an alien ally who can destroy humanity's future. Vormin Kark may have a tiny body, but he has the resources to conquer the galaxy.

"Got it Solved" Attitude

This novel is a coming-of-age story. But Gordon Roanhorse is not just any rich man's son. His aerospace industrialist Apache father is the "Bridge Builder to the stars"—Jason Roanhorse.

A whopping 742 pages of adventure available in Kindle and trade print.

C e l e b r a t i n g     t h e     S p i r i t     o f     A d v e n t u r e
"You may not have any extra talent, but maybe you are just paying more attention to what you are doing." —Alan Shepard, astronaut
A d v e r t i s e m e n t s
A Classic on Extrasolar Planets!
Stephen Dole of RAND Corporation and best-selling author Isaac Asimov team together to lay out the original specs for a habitable planetary system. This gave us the blueprint on what to look for.

Superb Internet

Imagine Man Throughout the Galaxy
With a forward by Arthur C. Clarke, brazen plan for colonizing the galaxy in 8 "easy" steps. Wonderfully optimistic and beautifully detailed!

Ancient Suns, Extrasolar Planets space