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Provocative thoughts of an old Earthling. LATEST: Genesis Code Forum

The search for worlds like our own begins with stars that are very old and chemically rich. New section on Space Travel, and new stuff at Ancient Earth

Artist, writer, software engineer.

Where in the galaxy can you find adventure at a comfortable price? You've come to the right place.

The world's solutions will come from interdisciplinary cooperation. Why not start now?
— Infinity Dynamics Foundation.

So much in the Bible is mysterious. Unlock some of that mystery. New Forum — now open!
"Genesis Timeline" and
"The Spiritual Nature of Man"

We now have proof that something very big happened 9600 BCE. New Atlantis Video!
Article on Geology of Atlantis
and Atlantis survey

Explore our corner of the universe in 3D. Videos introducing "Stars in the NeighborHood"
Behind every myth is a real event. In each such event, real people struggle against incredible odds with equally incredible heroism. Merla Velzna would one day be called by the names Minerva and Athena, and her homeland would be known as Atlantis. Edge of Remembrance tells her story.

Friends of Tharsis Highlands...

"John Dalmas" is the pen name of a dear friend, John Robert Jones. He has a PhD in forest ecology, a solid talent for writing, and a delightful sense of humor.
Terry Martin is a science fiction author, historian and stamps expert.

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