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The Worlds of
Roanhorse Aerospace

Touch the Stars: EMERGENCE

An accident at the R&D labs at Roanhorse Aerospace in Ayr, Scotland opens an unexpected door to the future—a future of human star travel.

A sinister group known as the Hamilton Club doesn't want humanity to have such freedom. You see, they almost have planet Earth conquered. Jason Roanhorse has to die and his secret to faster-than-light, interstellar travel has to die with him.

Touch the Stars: DIASPORA

Gordon Roanhorse may be first son to a rich, aerospace industrialist, but his Apache father is no ordinary man. He is a world-changing visionary with a big heart. Gordon follows quite comfortably in his father's footsteps.

Vormin Kark stands three feet tall. For a Helifosian, he's quite unusual. Not only is he ruthlessly selfish, but he is a control freak. He looks at the Hamilton Club as a willing ally and a potential pawn in his own game to conquer the galaxy.

List of Characters and Terms

Touch the Stars: Diaspora is a 742-page epic and comes with a host of characters and terms unique to its own universe.

Touch the Stars: Diaspora Characters and Terms.

Maps, Star Charts and More

What would an adventure be without maps to orient the reader? These are the worlds of Roanhorse Aerospace.


The Worlds of Star Trek

 Young James Kirk and starship construction site
The new Star Trek's James T. Kirk as the rebellious youth gazing up at a starship under construction.
The first in the new Star Trek series of movies came out May, 2009. This is a whole new look on the Star Trek universe. Here are some pix of the new actors, the sets and some action scenes in the movie. This may just have been a step up for the Star Trek franchise.



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The Worlds of Dune

More to come about House Atriedes and its universe.

The Worlds of Star Wars

More to come, from a galaxy far, far away...
A d v e r t i s e m e n t s

Interstellar Adventure

Stars in the NeighborHood space software

Your Thought-provoking space opera adventure awaits you.


Space Fiction space
For the Love of Kark

The sinister Hamilton Club has licked its wounds and now has an alien ally who can destroy humanity's future. Vormin Kark may have a tiny body, but he has the resources to conquer the galaxy.

"Got it Solved" Attitude

This novel is a coming-of-age story. But Gordon Roanhorse is not just any rich man's son. His aerospace industrialist Apache father is the "Bridge Builder to the stars"—Jason Roanhorse.

A whopping 742 pages of adventure available in Kindle and trade print.

3D, scrollable, zoomable map of the Solar neighborhood

Stars in the NeighborHood space software
Your 3D astronomy software "power tools" await you.
  • Nearly 2 million alien sky views
  • Three 3D views
  • Our sun is easy to find in alien night skies
  • Point-and-click distance calculation between stars
  • Customizable with tags, star names, notes and more

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