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Space Travel


History of Flight

Chinese rockets, Leonardo's dreams, the Montgolfier brothers and more...

Space Travel: Apollo 11 astronauts in spacesuits

Rockets to the Moon

Our next-door neighbor, the Moon, has captivated our imaginations for thousands of years. We've sent a handful of men, and we keep going back. Missions to the Moon.

Space Travel: SpaceX launch of Falcon9 launch vehicle

The Final Frontier

Space missions, both manned and robotic, inspire us to reach the stars. In a very real sense, space truly is the "final frontier."

Space Travel Participants

Spaceship One, NASA, ESA, Japan, Russia, and more...

Speculation & Warp Drive

Millenial Project — from the seas to the galaxy.

UFOs and Myths of Flight

Ancient writings, and modern sightings...

Near Future

More to come...

A d v e r t i s e m e n t s

3D, scrollable, zoomable map of the Solar neighborhood

Stars in the NeighborHood space software
Your 3D astronomy software "power tools" await you.
  • Nearly 2 million alien sky views
  • Three 3D views
  • Our sun is easy to find in alien night skies
  • Point-and-click distance calculation between stars
  • Customizable with tags, star names, notes and more