"Only very old stars can harbor mature planets.
Only in their midst are we likely to find life or civilization."
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In Search of Extrasolar Planets Like Earth

Space travel is exciting, but it loses its appeal for most of us without a really interesting and easy destination. Read more...
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Stellar Close-up: Delta Pavonis

A detailed look at interesting star systems, some possible exoplanet stars, comparing those stars to the Solar system and to Earth.
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Planets for Humanity

In search of planets that look like Earth beyond the Solar system. It takes a certain kind of star to harbor habitable extrasolar planets.
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Ancient Earth

Our own planet has an interesting history, some of it filled with myth and legend.
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Space Travel

The dream of flight, and by extension travel to the stars, has touched the mind of humanity for centuries, perhaps even since the beginning.
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Astronomy Software Review

3D Space software to explore the universe, especially those stars near our own sun. Discover where the extrasolar planets are known to exist.
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Kids Astronomy All New!

Just for kids (and the young-at-heart): Learning about stars, planets, galaxies and a whole lot more.
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Space Fiction

Tales from the imagination. New suns, alien worlds and strange, exotic civilizations.
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Star Gallery

Colorful views of alien planets, twin suns, binary moons, ancient ruins and bright nebulas.
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Shop Galaxy City

The Ancient Suns store — Space and Astronomy Books, Telescopes, Videos, Software and a universe more.

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Space Facts

About stars, planets, moons, astronomy and science terms. Includes frequently asked questions about the universe.
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Where to find more information about stars and planets.

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